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From the beginning of that first riff on ‘We’re Okay’, I was hooked to this album. What a wondrous job of combining all these ambient sounds and creating a truly masterclass piece of work.

If Romancoke is a place that sounds like these guys, then I can say that I like the sound coming out of there. Holy heck these guys are tight.

-The Family Reviews, “Romancoke | Colorful Blackout (Album Review)

Refusing to be put in a box, the band blends a variety of music genres from folk rock to indie and even shoegazer. The result is a sound that’s mellow with some rough edges.“

-Chicago Music, Chicago Artist Spotlight: Romancoke





Romancoke is a Chicago-Based Indie/Alternative Rock Band.

Andrew McCusker (Vocals/Guitar) and Adam ‘Chip’ Smith (Vocals/Guitar) were best friends and band mates in high school in Maine. Following graduation, their paths diverged, taking each to various cities and states around the country.

During this time, Andrew and Chip both formed independent singer-songwriter projects, writing, recording, and performing under the names “Pawky Maven” and “MildManneredMan,” respectively. These projects have since generated over a million listens and thousands of downloads, as well as licenses in art, commercial, and film projects around the world.

After several years and unpredictable events, Andrew and Chip both found themselves in Chicago, where they immediately resumed working on music together. Upon meeting Joe Blickenov (Drums) and Josh Cohen (Vocals/Keyboard), two accomplished musicians in their own right, they formed “Romancoke” in 2016.

Romancoke means “circling waters,” symbolizing constant renewal and rebirth. The band fuses hook-laden and high-fashion acoustic and electric guitar, keyboards, drums, and vocal harmonies to craft original songs that cultivate nostalgia for what was, is, and will be. The band has a wide range of musical influences, including the Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, Prince, and Elliott Smith.

Romancoke’s first full-length album, “Colorful Blackout,” was released in 2018, and its second full-length album will be released in Fall 2019. The band is currently working on its third full-length album, which will be released in 2020.

Since its formation, Romancoke has successfully played various gigs throughout Chicago, including at venues and festivals such as Chop Shop & 1st Ward, Elbo Room, Bottom Lounge, Red Line Tap, The Burlington, Bernice’s Tavern, Heritage Bicycles, Alulu Brewery and Pub, Quenchers (RIP), High Hat Club (RIP), PorchFest Lakeview, and DZ Fest, among others.